Open Mesh Big Bags

Open Mesh Big Bags are made with a porous open fabric, that is, with a micro separation between its fibers. This allows the rapid passage of liquids with a viscosity greater than approximately 30m2/s.

It is especially suitable for separating products such as… by suppuration and precipitation.

  • Sludge and water in construction environments
  • Sludge and oil in oilfield environments
  • Sand and water in blasting situations

The viscosity of the product to be filtered and the micro-separations of warp and weft are sometimes very sensitive to obtain the desired filtering result.

See also the Metal support frames that facilitate the suspended loading of the Open Mesh Big Bags.

GreenSmallDot Typical configurations

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1. Open Top and Flat Bottom

2. Skirt and Flat Bottom

3. Top Flap (F) and Flat Bottom (FB)

4. Top Spout and Flat Bottom

5. Skirt and Discharge Spout

6. Filling spout and discharge spout

7. Open Top and discharge spout

8. Open top and buckles or ties.

Big Bag BA&FP Big Bag CA&FP Big Bag TA&FP Big Bag VC&FP Big Bag CA&VD Big Bag VC&VD Big Bag BA&VD MU Big Bag
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