High-quality food-grade Bags and Big Bags in compliance with standards and regulations

The food sector requires Food-Grade Small Bags and Big Bags The European Community established a thorough regulation on plastics that come into contact with food years ago. It has recently been updated.

Multisac´s Sanitary Registration

Multisac has a food certificate and protocols to guarantee that the food-grade Bags and Big Bags stored in their warehouses maintain all their properties so that when they come into contact with food, they do not affect the organoleptic properties of the food. Also, the food will not be contaminated by elements included in the lists of controlled and monitored products.

Supplier and Product Certification

The suppliers and raw materials from which our Bags and Big Bags are made are also certified for food use: BRC, IFS…

To ensure the food compliance of our Bags and Big Bags, we periodically carry out audits, traceability exercises, compliance and unconformities controls, cleaning and hygiene protocols, and reviewing of our APPC system…

Need/Benefit in the Food Sector Our products features and solutions
Food Product Certification Small Bags and Big Bags delivered with a Food Compliance Certificate, migration tests, or a BRC certificate.
Multisac´s Food Certificate Multisac has a sanitary registration to supply food packaging.
It is possible to deliver with plastic pallets.
Safekeeping stored foods from rodent attack Small Bags and Big Bags made with rodent-repelling materials.
Preserving food properties and smells. Small Bags and Big Bags in a tight controlled environment. Food-grade PP, PE, or aluminum inner liners for food.
Customization Small Bags and Big Bags with printed logos or properties of the products.
Possibility of BOPP prints with photographic quality.