UN Big Bags for storing Amosite or Asbestos

Dismantling facilities with Asbestos and Amosite must be done with the maximum safety guarantees for people and the environment. For this reason, regulations require that this type of waste be handled in specially manufactured and labeled containers.

Big Bags for storing Asbestos or Amosite comply with these specifications and can have two configurations: bucket format for cutting asbestos waste or elongated format to contain whole slabs.

Often, these Big Bags are manufactured and certified according to UN standards.

UN Big Bags for storing Amosite or Asbestos cuttings

Big Bags for storing Asbestos or Amosite in whole slabs

Identification and Labeling

Excerpt from Royal Decree 1406/1989, of November 10, 1989, imposing limitations on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations.

ANNEX II: Special provisions concerning the labeling of products containing asbestos.

1. Products containing asbestos or their packaging shall bear the label defined below:

a) The label under the following model shall be at least 5 centimeters high (H) and 2.5 centimeters wide.

b) It shall be divided into two parts:

The upper part (h1 = 40% of H), will bear the letter “a” in white on a black background.

The lower part (h2 = 60% of H), shall include the type-text, in black and/or white on a red legible background.

c) If the product contains crocidolite, the expression “contains asbestos” in the standard text shall be replaced by the following: “Contains crocidolite/blue asbestos”.

d) If the labeling is done by direct printing on the product, a single color that contrasts with the background color shall be sufficient.

2. The label shall be affixed under the following rules:

a) In each of the smaller units supplied.

b) If a product includes asbestos-based elements, it shall be sufficient that only these elements bear the label. Labeling may be waived if it is not possible to affix a label to the item due to the small size or unsuitability of the container.

3 Labeling of packaged products containing asbestos.

3.1 Packaged products containing asbestos shall bear a legible and indelible label on the package with the following indications:

a) The symbol and the indication of the corresponding hazards, under this Annex.

b) Precautionary statements to be chosen in conformity with the indications in this Annex, provided they are relevant to the product in question.

Where additional precautionary information is given on the package, it must not attenuate or contradict the information provided in a) y b).

3.2 The labeling established in number 3.1 may be done:

By means of a label strongly affixed to the container, or

A loose label tightly attached to the container, or

By printing it directly on the package.

3.3 Products containing asbestos that are simply covered by plastic or similar packages shall be considered as packaged products and shall be labeled in compliance with 3.2. If the products are removed from these containers and marketed unpackaged, each of the smallest units supplied shall be accompanied by labeling indications in compliance with 3.1.

4. Labeling of unpackaged products containing asbestos. As regards unpackaged products containing asbestos, the labeling according to number 3.1 shall be carried out:

By a label strongly affixed to the asbestos-containing product; or

By means of a loose label tightly attached to the product; or

By printing it directly on the product, or when the above procedures cannot reasonably be applied because of, for example, the small size of the product, the inadequacy of its properties in this respect, or certain technical difficulties, using a leaflet bearing a label in compliance with number 3.1.

5. Without prejudice to the provisions in force on Health and Safety at Work, the label affixed to the product, which for its use can be transformed or remodeled, should be accompanied by any precautionary indications that may be appropriate for the product, and in particular the following:

If possible, work outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.

Preferably use hand tools and low-speed tools equipped, if necessary, with an appropriate dust collection device. When high-speed tools are used, they should always be equipped with such devices.

If possible, wet before punching or drilling.

Wet the powder, place it in a tightly closed container, and dispose of it safely.

6. The labeling of a product intended for domestic use, not referred to in number 5, which could release asbestos fibers during use, may include, if necessary, the precautionary statement: “Replace in case of wear”.

7. In all cases the label must be written at least in the official Spanish language of the State.

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1. Open Top and Flat Bottom

2. Skirt and Flat Bottom

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4. Top Spout and Flat Bottom

5. Skirt and Discharge Spout

6. Filling spout and discharge spout

7. Open Top and discharge spout

8. Open top and buckles or ties.

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