The best Bags for storing Flour and Semolina

Flours can be milled and created from wheat, corn, or rice, among other cereals.
Depending on the texture and granularity obtained, suitable flour bags are required to avoid losses or spillage and to maintain their nutritional properties. If the milling of the original cereal, instead of being fine to obtain Flour, is coarser, then Semolina is obtained, which also requires the best Bags for its handling.

Multisac has the ideal solution for transporting and preserving grindings, with all the guarantees of safety and food certificates.

Traditionally, Coated Woven bags are used, where the polyethylene coat attached to the bag makes it less ventilated and better contain the flour. Something similar happens with Jute Bags: our customers usually ask for them with some inner liner to contain a dusty product such as Flour.

However, you will also find it very practical to transport and store your grindings in Cotton Bags or white Paper Bags, in addition to being characteristic of their natural and organic origin. Both are very common for retail sales.

Contact our professionals; tell us exactly what you are looking for, and we will advise you on the final choice.

Flour storage bags

Flour in a PP Woven Bag

Flour storage bags

Flour in a Jute Bag

Flour storage bags

Flour in Paper Bags

Multisac products for Flour and Semolina storage.
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