What are Binola Jute Bags?

Binola Jute Bags are double-warp jute bags used especially for the COFFEE and COCOA market.

It is a double-warp jute fabric that gives the bag a special resistance. Its dimensions are always 67.5 x 112 cm and its weight is between 900 and 950 g. For easy recognition, these bags always have 3 vertical lines in the center in mauve blue and are usually labeled with a Food Grade certification seal.

Bags similar to Binola Jute Bags

There are other jute bags similar to Binola jute bags that are also marked with mauve blue vertical lines, called A-Twill and B-Twill since they are made with twilled jute fabric (Twill) whose characteristic is its diagonal or herringbone weave. They have the same dimensions as the Binolas bags, 67.5 x 112 cm, but are denser and can weigh up to 1,200 g each. They thus support a little more weight and can reach up to 100 kg.

One Size Binola Jute Bag

67 x 112 cm (Data Sheet)

Binolas Jute Bags

Binola Jute Bag

Binolas Jute B-Twill

Jute Binola Fabric

Food Labeling
(Food Grade)

Cocoa in Jute Binola Bags