Multisac Products

Multisac is widely recognized in the sector for having in stock for immediate delivery the largest variety of Sacks, Fabric, Big Bag and their accessories, in a multitude of sizes, configurations, resistance, and colors. We not only have polypropylene (PP) raffia items but also jute, cotton and paper among other materials. We have specific solutions for different sectors and we can customize them to meet any requirement and need.

Not only products, but services

In any case, excellence is not achieved only with the best products. The best service is also important to maintain business relationships between clients and suppliers. At Multisac we explain everything about our products and advise you in the best way possible. There are thousands of possible configurations for seemingly simple products such as Sacks and Big Bags, but possibly only a few are ideal for your requirements. And all of the above is worthless if deliveries are not fast and reliable. At Multisac we put a lot of effort into ensuring that our deliveries are immediate as much as possible.