Forest preservation by reusing pallets before their destruction

There is no small action if it involves preserving the environment. The dynamics of the circular economy and the reuse of resources is a clear example. At Multisac, we reuse pallets that have already been used by other companies or organizations, thus reducing the purchase of new pallets when the supply we make allows us to do so.

In addition, we have made arrangements with some of our customers and other companies to remove pallets from their facilities that would otherwise be destroyed for further use, thereby reducing wood consumption and carbon footprint.


  • For the collaborating company: Reduction of the cost for appropriate waste management involved in the destruction of the pallets.
  • For Multisac: To transform and reduce the economic cost of purchasing pallets into a lower logistical cost for collecting used pallets, thus promoting the circular economy of recycling.
  • For the whole world:
    • Reducing wood consumption and environmental impact and thereby helping to preserve our forests. Studies have concluded that the wood from one tree is needed to build 4 or 5 pallets, so by encouraging the reuse of pallets, we are helping to conserve thousands of trees annually.
    • Promoting our particular resource-efficient circular economy.
    • Environmental impact reduction as an alternative to recycling or incinerating used pallets. It has an associated emission factor that can be avoided if pallets already used by other local companies are reused in their original form.


Some of our clients and collaborators have publicly shared their experience with this initiative: