100% Recycled Big Bag
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100% Recycled Big Bag

The Recycled Big Bag is made of completely reused plastic from other Big Bags or from other uses that have been collected, cleaned, remelted, and regenerated, thus promoting the reuse of materials and respect for the environment.

Many manufacturers can only offer a recycling rate of 30% in these Big Bags due to the manufacturing processes and equipment used, as recycled polypropylene is slightly weaker than 100% plastic and must be especially well made, woven, and sewn. In this way, the same strength as a recycled bag can be ensured. “standard” Big Bag.

Usually, the recycled Big Bag is manufactured with a strength or safety factor of 5:1.

Multisac can now offer 100% recycled Big Bags with the same resistance of 1.000 Kg as a Big Bag made of pure plastic. Currently, recycled plastic comes from various origins and each particle can have different colors. In this case, the result is black. As the percentages of all plastic’s recyclability increase and it can be collected exclusively by color, a 100% white recycled Big Bag can be achieved.

This is an important contribution to the conservation of the environment and this is why this Big Bag is not subject to the tax levied on the introduction of non-reusable plastic on the market.

In any case, please consult with our sales representatives to learn about all the options available and we will answer any questions you may have.