Types of Paper Bags

Paper Bags are suitable for hundreds of uses, including packing FLOUR, BREAD, FOOD, CEMENT…

According to their filling system, Paper Bags can be classified into two main types…

  • Open Top Paper Bags: Filling the bags is normally done by gravity or with manual procedures and is closed by sewing, gluing, or heat sealing.
  • Paper Bags with Spout: The bag is usually filled with automatic bagging machinery. Once filled, the pressure of the contents in the bag automatically closes the filling spout. Some spouts may also bend inward at the end of the loading process. The spout can be made of heat-sealable plastic if a stronger seal is needed

The product to be contained and its sealing requirements determine the type of Paper Bag, and the bag determines the manual or automatic filling system using more or less sophisticated bagging systems.

White paper bag
square-bottomed glued

Endurance of Paper Bags

According to the different weights or even types of handling to which each bag will be subjected, Paper Bags have various weight resistances that depend mainly on the number of sheets or layers of paper that compose it and the thickness of each.

Paper bags are available in single, double, triple, and even quadruple sheets. Every sheet or layer can be made of Kraft paper (brown), white paper, or even plastic. In addition, inner sleeves can be added, the most common being Polyethylene sleeves, which should always be glued on the top in the case of automatic filling.

Although there are less consistent Paper Bags on the market, a minimum design should not have under two layers of 70 grams each.

Paper Bags layout

The Paper Bags can be made with different types of tops (the most common are open or spout), and bottoms (the most common are those with gussets, square or glued bottoms, with sealed or pinch bottoms, or those sewn with curled paper). In cases where a better seal is required at the bottom, an additional strip or layer of paper is incorporated at the base of the bag.

Some commonly used terms to designate some of these layouts are as follows:

/C = single or double stitched bottom
/2 = Open top and Glued bottom
/V = with Top Spout
/SoS = Bottom with gusset

Some of the sizes are available with a blank outer sheet. To preserve the goods properly, a polyethylene (PE) inner sleeve may also be included sometimes.

Paper Bags can be micro-perforated so the dust generated during the filling process by these micro-openings can be dissipated. The perforations also help stacked bags not to shift as much when sliding against each other.

Some Paper Bags incorporate handles at the top, usually flat, in which case we speak of a Paper Bag.

Typical Paper Bag Sizes

30 x 46 + 10 /2 cm
40 x 80 + 13 /2 cm
45 x 85 + 10 /2 cm
50 x 80 + 13 /2 cm
55 x 90 + 13 /2 cm
60 x 100 + 13 /2 cm

Paper bags are also for storing greasy or wet products

Some fatty products such as animal feed, cocoa, or powdered milk can stain and alter the technical properties of the paper. To avoid issues with greasy products, an anti-grease treatment can be added to the paper. Also, a polyethylene inner sleeve can be included, or a coating layer can be added to the paper to protect it.

It is also possible to use an anti-humidity paper to better protect goods such as potatoes, for instance.

Brand identification, images and logos on Paper Bags

As with PP Plastic Bags, Paper Bags can be customized with images and logos in different colors to label their contents or the brand of their manufacturer or distributor. The print finish can be glossy or matte.

Sometimes an outer layer of paper helps make the print more visible. Paper Bags can be printed by flexography or photographic quality BOPP printing.

Eco-friendly Paper Bags

We also have Repulpable (dissolvable) Paper Bags. These are certified for being made with water-soluble paper and glue, capable of dissolving and disappearing without leaving any residue, and therefore do not pollute.

Multi-layer kraft paper bag

Multilayer white paper bag

Paper bag for storing bread

Paper bag with spout

Single layer kraft paper bag

White paper bag

Kraft paper

Paper bag with spout for cement

All in Paper Bags

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