Jute Bags

Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, which allows perfect transpiration of the products containing a bag woven with this material. The jute bags are suitable for packing COFFEE, COCOA, POTATOES, SEEDS, and pine nuts…

Types of Jute Bags

There are jute fabrics (Hessian) of 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and up to 14 ounces. The 10 ounces are the most used, although we also have jute bags of 7 ounces (mostly for potatoes) and Jute Binola Bags.

Jute Colored Bags

Jute bags can be classified by shades or degrees of “darkness”:

  • Normal: This is a rather dark shade and is the most affordable because it does not include any whitening treatment. Jute Binola Bags have this color.
  • Semi Bright: Of intermediate color, they include some treatment that lightens them a little so that they are not so dark.
  • Full Bright: It is the lightest shade of all the most expensive due to the treatments they have undergone.

See our Jute Fabrics and Seminew Jute Bags.

2 small Jute Bags

Jute Bags

Typical sizes

15 x 25 cm (Data sheet)
18 x 30 cm (Data Sheet)
20 x 35 cm (Data Sheet)
25 x 45 cm (Data Sheet)
35 x 50 cm (Data Sheet)
42 x 60 cm (Data Sheet)
50 x 80 cm (Data Sheet)
60 x 100 cm (Data Sheet)
67 x 112 cm (Data Sheet)
70 x 105 cm (Data Sheet)

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jute bags sale

Jute Bags

Small Jute Bags

10 Oz Jute Fabric

Semi-new Jute Bag for storing coffee

New Jute Bags for storing coffee

Jute Binola Bag

Jute Binola Fabric

7 oz Jute Bag

Experts in Jute Bags

Do you want to purchase the highest quality Jute Bags, ready to deliver outstanding performance? Now they are only a step away. You can obtain an optimal result with the bags Multisac offers.

Our company specializes in manufacturing, selling, and distributing Big Bags, Small Bags, fabrics, and other products for storing and transporting various goods with maximum security guarantees. If you look at our website, you will see that we have standard products that meet the most common sizes. However, we know offering customization is very important to give complete solutions for our customers. Everyone may have very different needs and different time frames. That’s why we do our best to provide the right solutions.

We have a firm commitment to adjust to your needs. The same applies to Jute Bags. Now you can enjoy these bags composed of vegetable fiber that allow better ventilation of the goods stored in them. As a company, we strive to offer products that can be useful in different sectors and for various goods. We assure you that everything we put at your disposal is of the highest quality and safety. These bags are perfect for storing and transporting goods like potatoes, coffee, cocoa, or seeds. Moreover, if you do not want to get brand-new bags, you can purchase used or pre-owned jute bags.

Choose our Jute Bags

If you bet on our Jute Bags, you will be hitting the mark. You will get a product with maximum guarantees. Let our professionals advise you in the best way. Moreover, we guarantee the delivery of your purchase as soon as possible.

Among our large range of products, you can find mesh bags. It is a product that can be more affordable and is ideal for keeping the goods fresh.

You can also find transparent, cotton, paper, coated, UN-approved, die-cut bags, and many more options within our wide variety of products. You can see all the alternatives we have in the corresponding section of our website. Contact us to inquire about our jute sales services.