Single-use products vs. reusable products

The Industry regulations state that Big Bags with a safety factor of 5:1 or less must be used only once (single trip) and are therefore subject to the considerations of non-reusable packaging. For this reason, these types of Big Bags are subject to the plastic tax in force in Spain since 2023.

Nevertheless, Big Bags with a safety factor of 6:1 or higher are considered multiple trip, and are therefore not subject to this regulation, nor the plastic tax for non-reusable packaging.

The CO2 footprint during the manufacture and life of a reusable Big Bag is 3 to 4 times lower than that of a single-use Big Bag.

Non-food sacks could also be considered reusable products, although, according to the plastic tax law, they are not.

At Multisac, we have products such as Reusable Bags that aim to promote the reuse and reduction of single-use plastic bags.

Ask us about other alternatives to reduce the use of plastics to reduce the associated tax.