Recycling and Residues

Big Bag for recycling glass

Small Bag for Recycling

Small Bags for Recycling

Big Bags and Small Bags for recycling

Recycling consists of transforming elements, residues, or waste into materials that can be reused. It also consists of using raw materials to create other products, avoiding or complementing the use of raw materials that are unsustainable or not eco-friendly.

Recycling is still very poor, but it is increasing. This is why Multisac has more customers buying Big Bags and Small Bags for recycling nowadays. We supply bags for domestic and municipal recycling, basic PP woven bags for industrial recycling in small quantities, and Big Bags for industrial recycling in large quantities.

Recycling light foams or empty PET bottles is not the same as recycling heavy pieces of iron. We have a suitable solution in Multisac for all these cases.

Moreover, Big Bags are recyclable and in many cases, made of recycled material. Recycled rPET Big Bags are an example.

Need/Benefit in the Recycling Sector Our products features and solutions
Total recyclability Bags and Big Bags made from recycled and recyclable materials.
Semi-used Big Bags for waste.
High exposure to sunlight Big Bags treated with ultraviolet to a higher degree than usual.
Quick content identification Small Bags and Big Bags in different colors.
They can safely contain harmful products
and corrosive goods in some cases
UN Small Bags and Big Bags for hazardous products.
Sealing for oily or greasy contents Small Bags and Big Bags with special thick inner liners.

Products for Recycling in Multisac.
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