ADR Big Bag with
UN type-approval

Big Bag for the chemical sector
over a plastic pallet

Big Bag for the chemical sector

The chemical sector is one of the most demanding in terms of packaging. The regulations to be complied with, together with the need to avoid contact with specific products or particles that could affect the properties of some products or trigger undesired reactions, require the utmost care when handling, storing, and transporting chemical and organic elements.

For all these reasons, Big Bags for the chemical sector must be made with the best materials and follow the best manufacturing practices during their production, which must be carried out in specially sanitized rooms with negative pressures to prevent the entry of particles.

Certificates and specific tests on Big Bags for the chemical sector

Some chemical products are considered dangerous or harmful. In such cases, Big Bags containing these products must have special resistance and pass the most demanding tests to obtain special certifications such as the UN.

If these products are handled in environments that may contain explosive or flammable gases, the possible static charge generated by the particles of the bulk-charged elements must be eliminated, thus avoiding possible sparks or micro-electrical discharges that could start a fire or trigger an explosion. Type C and Type D Big Bags meet these requirements in different ways.

Need/Benefit of the Chemical Sector Our products features and solutions
High-specification and special hygienic packaging Pharmaceutical-Certificated Bags and Big Bags made in a “Clean Room”.
Delivery in Plastic Pallets
Special safety for packaging products
pollutants or hazardous
UN Bags and Big Bags
Prevent leakage of dusty materials Dustproof Big Bags
Loading and unloading of flammable materials or
in environments containing explosive gases
Antistatic, conductive, or dissipative Bags and Big Bags.
Avoid any chemical reaction or damage to the contents by
exposure to sunlight or humidity
Bags and Big Bags with PP, PE, or aluminum liners.

Products for specialists

Against this backdrop, Big Bags and Bags for the chemical sector should not be handled by amateurs. More than 75 years of experience in the market guarantee Multisac can help its customers.