Express deliveries by Amazon

Sometimes, express delivery of Bags or Big Bags can be essential for our customers and their business sustainability.

We have some products available that we can deliver in small quantities using the logistics of for express deliveries. No one is better than can process your order right now, ship, and deliver quickly, especially if you have the service .

For express deliveries of small quantities, check now for availability and delivery times for the following products. Call us if you need other products or larger quantities.

Click on the green links below to purchase them in for express delivery.

Big Bags Small Bags
Open top (OT), Flat Bottom (FB) Big Bag

25 Polypropylene (PP) woven bags

Open top (OT) Big Bag with Discharge Spout (DS)

10 PP woven bags with 10 XXXXXX

Flat Bottom (FB), Skirt Top FIBC

Small Big Bag with 2 handles to facilitate discharge