Bags for Storing Legumes

Few products are as colorful and give off as much of a good feeling as a bag full of pulses. According to its ecological and natural products, Multisac offers several types of bags for it.

Jute Bags and Cotton Bags are the most demanded in these cases, characterized by their ecological origin thanks to their natural fiber.

However, if you are looking for a more economical bag, you may be interested in our white PP Woven Bags, which are also used many times. They are food-certified, which allows the product to be stored without altering its properties.

Some Bulk Product Stores also ask us for Paper Bags or Bags for customers, very practical to sell products by weight, as they are ecological and recyclable.

Some customers ask us for bags with an inner bag to keep the products in better condition. Contact us if this is your case and we will advise you.

Contact our sales representatives for any questions you may have and we will find the solution that best suits what you are looking for.


Legumes in PP Woven Bags

Legumes in Jute Bags

Legumes in Jute Bags

Cotton bags for sale

Beans in a Cotton Bag

Legumes in White and Brown PP Woven Bags

Legumes in transparent PP Woven Bags

Multisac Products for storing Legumes
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