Cotton Bags

Cotton Bags

The most common sizes available are as follows:

11 X 24 cm
18 X 29 cm
20 X 33 cm
23 X 53 cm
25 X 45 cm
40 X 60 cm

Cotton Bags

Cotton is an organic material and, therefore, environmentally friendly. Bags made of cotton are especially suitable for containing foods (gourmet in many cases) such as rice, legumes, coffee, or dried fruits and nuts, among others.

The appearance and texture of cotton bags also favor their use for seeds, bath salts, decoration, and promotional items. The color and weave of the cotton bags facilitate their marking in different color inks.

We offer some with a top tie or side tie to close them. Many are Cotton Mesh Bags or Sacks. They are widely used in food stores and supermarkets as reusable and environmentally friendly bags.

In addition to conventional or “natural” cotton bags, we offer organic cotton bags, i.e., pesticides and chemical fertilizers not used when harvesting this cotton. It favors the natural cycles of the land. Organic cotton is also free of toxic substances during the spinning and production processes. Organic cotton is, therefore, more expensive from a production and sales point of view, but more environmentally friendly in ecological terms.

Cotton Bag
with Top Drawstring

Cotton Bag
with Lateral Tie

Mesh Bag
Cotton made

Cotton Fabric

Cotton Bag for storing toys

0,5 Kg Cotton Bag and 1 Kg Rice storage Cotton Bag

Cotton bags for saleBeans in a Cotton Bag

Cotton Mesh Bag
with Drawstring

Are you in the process of looking for cotton bags that are perfectly adapted to load, transfer, and store a variety of goods? Multisac guarantees availability and offers maximum performance. In addition, one of the great advantages of cotton is that it is a natural and ecological material. Our cotton bags are perfectly adapted to different sectors and are especially suitable for storing foodstuffs such as rice, nuts, pulses, or coffee.

As part of our commitment to offer our customers the most complete service, we offer different varieties. We always seek to provide the right answers to everyone who chooses our services. We also offer cotton bags with a top drawstring or a lateral tie for easy closing. This is why our transportation and storage are much safer. Another of our variants is organic cotton bags. This material may be more expensive to produce and sell, but it has a property that is very important today. It is 100% environmentally friendly. We are also concerned about this. We are fully aware of the importance of taking care of our surroundings. In addition, it may also be interesting for you to know that cotton is easy to mark with different inks.

We work to offer customized products in Multisac. We want to adjust to our customers’ needs, as we know they can be very different. We believe they deserve to receive the best assistance.

The most complete cotton bags

If you choose our cotton bags, be sure to get an outstanding result. Our products are a guarantee of quality. We have over 70 years of experience and a team of professionals who are fully qualified to advise you in the best way.

To provide the best service, we also have jute bags, a vegetable fiber with great properties. It allows the transpiration of the products contained in this type of bag.

There are many varieties that we put within your reach. You can also choose from our paper bags, mesh bags, transparent bags, bags with punch-handles, coated bags, card holder bags, and many more. Discover our products!