Products made from partially recycled material

In the past, Bags and Big Bags that were not made of 100% pure material, were considered inferior in quality and many customers rejected them due to quality concerns. The new guidelines favoring the reuse of recycled materials and circular economy are changing this paradigm. Nowadays, recycled or partially recycled materials are valued.

In Multisac, we have Bags and Big Bags made with 30% (and other percentages) of recycled polypropylene (PP), complying with the guidelines and recommendations of the European Community.

It is difficult to achieve the same appearance and resistance of pure materials using recycled materials. Years of research, thousands of tests, and large investments in new materials, machines, and process adaptation (especially by raw material suppliers) were necessary to offer these alternatives today.

Products made from fully recycled material

Recycled products

Multisac was a pioneer in offering its customers products made from 100% recycled materials. These are Bags and Big Bags made from Recycled PET (rPET). It is possible to make a Big Bag by using 50 PET bottles of the most common and well-known soft drinks.

The result is products with the same appearance and strength as traditional Bags and Big Bags but with an eco-friendly manufacturing and reuse process.

This promotes a circular economy of materials, such as rPET, and prevents these bottles from becoming garbage dumped in seas and other uncontrolled areas.

The cost of using 100% recycled or partially recycled materials

Products made wholly or partially from recycled materials are more expensive than the ones made from 100% raw materials. Collecting, cleaning, and processing recycled material is neither simple nor economical. In many parts of the world, the infrastructure to do so does not exist yet.

In addition, recycled material is less strong than 100% pure material. So, it is necessary to use more raw materials to obtain the same strength.

Despite the additional cost, the demand for this type of product is growing and this, together with the scarcity of 100% recycled materials, increases its cost.

Using recycled materials is essential today, and we must all assume they cost a little more but are more eco-friendly.