Our Best and Most Illustrious Clients

With over 75 years of experience, we are fortunate to have thousands of customers at Multisac, many of whom have been active since the beginning of our activity.

All of them are almost equally important to us, almost! There are two of them that have special treatment and consideration from us.

They were the first to place a really big order with us, right from the first year of Multisac’s activity, and although they only place one order a year, they have never stopped doing so since then. It is Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. Some years, they all come to Multisac on the same day, and the atmosphere is the best when it happens. There is a healthy competition among them. Their sly reproaches are constant, between laughter and confidence.

Santa Claus and his special requests

Santa Claus is getting older, although he keeps his usual good humor. Every year, he orders millions of bags for gifts for all the children in the world and in many occasions, he wants to personalize all of them. This is the only customer for whom we accept customized prints of 1 or 2 units, which is a titanic effort for Multisac, considering that their annual orders are more than 1,400 million bags.

He started his business activity many years before we did. I used to rely on another supplier, but since Multisac came on board, they have been loyal to us year after year, and we are very proud to have this special relationship with them. So much so that many children come to Multisac from November to December to try to see him and deliver their letters.

The Three Kings and their yearly discussions

The day the Three Wise Men come to place their order is also very special and fun. They usually come after Santa Claus and spend a long time discussing among themselves how many sacks of each type they need. They use large size Jute Bags for bulky gifts, small size for bulky gifts, small size Cotton Bags for the most delicate gifts, and PP Coated Woven Bags (recycled and ecological, of course) for charcoal. We have suggested them several times to start using Big Bags, but it seems that they are very traditional in their habits and no one can get them out of their preferences. By the end, they always agree and then we celebrate with a small dinner with all the Multisac staff. Camels eat separately.

Special facilities for reindeer and camels

Multisac has had to adapt its November and December production processes to these special orders, and the most complicated thing has been to adapt our loading and unloading area to the needs of the reindeer and camels. They should also feel comfortable in our facilities, especially during these busy times. Dining rooms, drinking areas, and an adequate space for them to rest and clean themselves are now part of Multisac’s well-maintained facilities.