Bag transparency

PP Woven Bag
transparent with rice

Transparent Bags

Transparent Bags allow you to see the product inside, through different degrees of transparency.

Transparent Bags are available with gussets (to give them a more rectangular shape when filled), punched handles (to facilitate manual transport), coated (to increase waterproofing), micro-perforations (to facilitate automated handling), or with considerable perforations (to facilitate ventilation).

Standard measures:

30 x50 cm
30+(2×5) x 60 cm
38+(2×5) x 95 cm
40 x 65 cm
40+(2×5) x 80 cm
40+(2×5) x 95 cm
40+(2×10) x 60 cm
44+(2×8) x 100 cm
45 x 75 cm
45+(2×5) x 95 cm
50 x 85 cm
70 x 130 cm

You can also check the Transparent PP Woven Bags labeled “Ware Potatoes”.

Haven’t you heard about our transparent bags yet? What are you waiting for? Multisac guarantees the highest quality and safety. We work to offer maximum security in everything we put at your service. We have a wide variety of products that adapt perfectly to the different needs of our customers. We have them manufactured in different materials and sizes.

Regarding the transparent bags, we can tell you that they allow you to see the product inside. They have different degrees of transparency. The transparent bags can be gusseted. Therefore, they adopt a rectangular shape that makes them safer and easier to store. In addition, if you want them to be easy to transport by hand, opt for those with punched handles and you will be on the right track.

We also have them micro-perforated. These are perfect for automatic manipulation. If you wish, you can also find them coated, which exponentially increases their degree of impermeability. On our website, you can see the different sizes you can find. If you think you may need something different, do not hesitate to contact us. One thing that has characterized us throughout our history is our firm commitment to offer customized products. We know that we must adapt to our customers’ needs as much as possible.

High quality transparent bags

Our transparent bags are just a small part of the entire offer we have available for you. Feel free to check out what we can do for you and contact us if you have any questions. Any of our professionals are more than qualified to help you. We look forward to welcoming you. With us, all your materials will be in perfect condition and can be moved with ease.

In addition to bags, we specialize in Big Bags. We have standard Big Bags that can perform any service, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

If you want to make a qualitative leap, choose our Q Bags. They are perfect since they have a system that maintains the square shape and prevents them from curving. This makes them more stable and allows better use of space when storing them.