Some products require a certain degree of ventilation or aeration to maintain their properties or not to decompose. This is the case with potatoes, carrots, or onions.

At other times, the passage of air inside the Big Bag favors the quality of products such as firewood, so that it remains dry and free of condensation.


Close-up of a Big Bag with lockstitch ventilation

Ventilations Close-up

Close-up of a Big Bag without lockstitch ventilation

Ventilated Big Bags have small openings in the form of vertical strips that allow air circulation and therefore favor the preservation of some products. To prevent these openings from closing or deforming, it is common to have a lockstitch on the edge to keep the fabric in its original shape.

Ventilated Big Bag 2

Big Bag in detail
of ventilations


Ventilated Big Bag 1

Ventilated Big Bag
for storing potatoes

Ventilated Big Bag 5

Ventilated Big Bag
for storing firewood

Ventilated Big Bag 3

Ventilated Big Bag
for storing onions

Ventilated Fabric 2

Ventilated Fabric

GreenSmallDot Typical configurations

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1. Open Top and Flat Bottom

2. Skirt and Flat Bottom

3. Top Flap (F) and Flat Bottom (FB)

4. Top Spout and Flat Bottom

5. Skirt and Discharge Spout

6. Filling spout and discharge spout

7. Open Top and discharge spout

8. Top Flat and Discharge Spout

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