Trees protected with jute fabric

Small Bags, Big Bags, and PP Fabrics for gardening

Many products are used for gardening; you can find them in Multisac. jute Bags or PP Woven Bags for the collection of branches and leaves, small bags as pots, Big Bags for earthmoving, Jute fabric to wrap root balls or larger portions, and trees to protect them from bad weather or during transportation.

Big Bags for municipalities and public parks

Many municipalities ask us for Big Bags marked with their logo for the collection of leaves or branches in gardens or public parks.

We supply everything from small Big Bags with two handles for collecting small amounts of organic waste to larger Big Bags for larger forest clearing jobs.

Jute Bag for Gardening

Earth root ball with jute

Big Bag for Gardening

PP Woven Bags with a Jute appearance for Gardening

Big Bags for Gardening

Products for Gardening in Multisac.
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