Single Loop Big Bags load 1 - Small

Loading Single Loop Bags on a vessel 12 by 12.

The Big Bags with 1 handle or Single Loop Bags and the Big Bas with 2 handles or Two Loops Bags facilitate their loading and handling from some forklifts with a special hook arm for this or crane platforms for loading several Big Bags simultaneously.

This avoids the somewhat more complex handling of Big Bags with four handles that must be suspended by all of them.

Normally Big Bags with 1 or 2 loops are large format and the handle must be reinforced to safely support the weight of its load.

Due to the special type of mouth of Single Loop Bags and Two Loops Bags, their loading method is normally special or assisted by specific machinery.

Porta Bulk logoThese Big Bags include those manufactured under the PortaBulk license, with some concrete specifications, and are identified in their documentation and branding with specific logos.

GreenSmallDot Typical configurations

These Big Bags are normally manufactured upon the customer’s request. Contact our sales representatives to know the different options and delivery times.