PP Woven Bag with PE inner liner

Bags with PE inner liners

Bags with Polyethylene (PE) inner liner or inner bag are suitable for all types of dusty products, or those that need to be preserved from humidity.

These bags are made up of:

  • On the outside: – Tubular PP Woven bag with Top Hemmed and single or double stitched bottom. Sometimes this fabric can also be coated for safety or watertightness.
  • Inside: – PE sleeve usually 200 gage (gg) equivalent to 50 microns. The inner bag can be placed inside or sewn to the top.

The PE inner liner should be 2 to 3 cm wider than the outer PP bag, which allows it to adapt to the contour of the outer bag without any force, thus avoiding any possible breakage and ensuring the insulation of the inner product. We can also supply the inner bags or Polyethylene Bags individually as stand-alone products.

Standard measures
45 x 75 cm / 50 x 75 cm / 50 x 80 cm / 50 x 87 cm / 55 x 95 cm / 60 x 100 cm

Close-up of the top with PE inner liner folded

Bag with inner liner sewn to the top

Close-up of the top with PE inner liner