Cotton plant

There are also natural products in the Bags and Big Bags markets.

Jute Bags are commonly used in many sectors, such as cocoa, Pita Bags for coffee, or Cotton Bags for rice or legumes, to give some examples. All products are made from natural fiber fabrics: the cotton plant (Gossypium arboreum), the pita plant (Aechmea magdalenae), and the jute plant (Corchorus capsularis).

Paper Bags can also be considered natural products, as paper comes from natural resources: trees.

Even Bags can be made from natural products. There are Big Bags made entirely of jute, or Big Bags of polyjute, made of a mixture of jute and PP.

Due to the raw material origin for all of these products, it is of vital importance that the natural resources used for their manufacture are properly regenerated.

Pita plant

Jute plant and harvested stems

Forest with trees to be made into paper