Special Big Bags

In addition to the standard Big Bag, of which we have several options and sizes for immediate delivery, Multisac also offers Special Big Bags In most cases, for very specific requirements that are manufactured and supplied under special orders from each of our customers for small quantities.

We can study your specific requirements to create and provide unique Small Bags and Big Bags for our customers.

These are some examples of special Big Bags.

Anti-rodent Big Bag

These Big Bags are made with a special fabric that includes an additive that repels rodents, so they are especially recommended when they have to contain grain or attractive elements for these animals.

Big Bags comply with the European standard EN71 part 3 and are delivered with a certificate.

The use of these anti-rodent Big Bags is not a substitute alternative, but a complement to the pest control plans that especially food companies must implement in their procedures.

Black Small PP Big Bag

Black Big Bag

Black Big Bag that can be made with different fabrics:

  • “Normal” polypropylene fabric dyed in black.
  • Black monofilament for special ventilations.
  • 100% recycled polypropylene.

Skip Bag

Big Bag of special dimensions to be used as a waste container. It is larger than a “standard” Big Bag but smaller than a truck container.

If its contents are not excessively heavy, it can be carried by 4 people, each with a shoulder strap.

If its contents are considerably heavy, it must be removed with a truck and a small crane.

Tunnel Big Bag

Big Bags that incorporate two “tunnels” in substitution of the handles or as a complement to them to facilitate better lifting and transport of the bags by forklift trucks.

The tunnels can be located on either of two opposite sides and sometimes incorporate rectangular section PVC pipes inside.

Big Bag without pallets with PVC pipes

A variation of the Big Bags with tunnel by placing the ducts at the base of the Big Bag and adding a PVC tube inside, to store and transport the Big Bags with forklifts without them being placed on top of pallets.

If the contents of the Big Bag allow it, this configuration also allows them to be lifted on top of each other, without ever exceeding the maximum lift factor.

For greater stability, a Q-Bag configuration with internal tensioners is recommended for these Big Bags.

Jute Big Bag

These Big Bags are made of jute so they are eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable since jute is a natural fiber. In some cases, they can support up to 1000 kg of weight, like a standard Big Bag.

There is a variation of the fabric called poly-jute, composed of jute in the weft and brown polypropylene in the warp. In this case, the Big Bag is not as environmentally friendly as using 100% jute, but it is much more environmentally friendly than the traditional polypropylene Big Bag.

Corset Bag

To make the most of the space and reduce deformations due to bulging when loading Big Bags, Q-Bag Big Bags are normally used, with interior reinforcements.

Sometimes Q-Bags are not the best solution, as the contents may not flow well between the internal tensioners, and their double-stitched seams along all sides of the Big Bag weaken it a bit.

The Corset Bags are made with specific fabric tensions for the different areas (lower, middle and upper area) of the Big Bag, acquiring a special rigidity without the need for internal tensioners, as if it were a corset, which tightens more in its central area. .

This method is especially effective for Big Bags with heights greater than 150 cm, although it can also be used on Big Bags of lower heights.

Fire retardant FIBCs

Fire retardant FIBCs are made with a fabric that includes an additive that prevents and greatly delays the spread of fire, although this does not mean that they are 100% fire retardant.

Some regulations require the use of this type of Fire retardant FIBCs. On other occasions, not being mandatory but highly recommended, some of our customers opt for this type of Big Bags to be used in potentially hazardous environments and avoid greater evils in case of fire or ignition.

Rigid Big Bags

The technical name of the Big Bag is FIBC where the “F” stands for Flexible so a rigid Big Bag initially seems inconsistent with its definition, but it is sometimes very useful.

Bars on the edges and/or panels on the sides can be added to traditional Big Bags to provide the assembly with a rigidity that allows the Big Bag to stand upright and open for easy loading in public locations in most cases.

Big Bags for liquids (Flexi Tanks)

Big Bags in general are especially suitable to contain bulk solid products. However, with some variations and special features, they can be used to contain and transport liquids in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

There are many possibilities in manufacturing these Big Bags for liquids or Flexi Tanks, depending on the intended use of the product to be contained. There are “smaller” ones, similar in size to a traditional Big Bag, up to larger ones, similar to Container Liners to be used in full containers.