Eco-friendly Big Bags made of recycled rPET

Recycled rPET Ecological Big Bags are made of PET completely recovered from recycled bottles. In this way, we contribute to the better reuse of our waste and promote environmental care. This is the most ecological, recycled, and recyclable Big Bag since PET can be recycled several times indefinitely without losing its properties.

Making Recycled rPET Ecological Big Bags

Approximately 50 PET bottles are needed to create a Big Bag weighing approximately 2 kg. PET bottles are collected at waste collection points and transported to processing plants where they are first sorted by color (blue, green, and transparent) and then subjected to an initial washing process. The caps are separated from the body of the bottles and the latter are crushed into small pieces that are rewashed and disinfected. From this point on, the process is similar to the conventional one: PET granules are processed in an extruder machine to create spools of PET yarn to feed the looms to make the fabric used to make the rPET ecological Big Bags.

Features of recycled rPET eco-friendly Big Bags

rPET Big Bags can be manufactured with virtually the same configurations and customized features for each customer as traditional Polypropylene Big Bags, including sizes, openings and bottoms, strength, and printing possibilities.

PET is UV stable so the rPET Big Bag does not require UV treatment.

rPET Big Bags have a slightly shinier appearance than those made with PP and their printings have a better appearance.

PET is somewhat stiffer than PP so Big Bags made from rPET are slightly more stable than those made from PP.

Benefits of recycled rPET eco-friendly Big Bags

The cost of an rPET Big Bag is approximately 20% higher than a similar one in traditional polypropylene, but the environmental benefits are priceless:

– Marine contamination is reduced mainly.
– CO2 emissions are reduced in the manufacture of each Big Bag.
– The need for other raw materials is reduced.
– Waste produced by human activities is reused.
– rPET Big Bags can be recycled again and thus start a new cycle of use.

Roadmap for eco-friendly Big Bags

European parliaments are already legislating and setting binding targets to regulate the use and reuse of plastics:

– Ban plastic items such as plates, cups, cutlery, and other polystyrene items from 2021.
– Prohibit the free delivery of plastic bags and encourage the use of other recycled materials.
– Mandatory use of 25% recycled material in PET beverage bottles from 2025.
– Mandatory use of 30% of all materials in beverage bottles by 2030.
– More info here.

Products made from natural materials such as cotton bags and jute bags are also considered environmentally friendly as they are made from environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.

Postponing of our planet´s recovery is not possible for one more second. Ask our sales team how we can help you do this.