Small Bags and Big Bags for storing Ceramics

The handling and transportation of ceramics, usually broken and with sharp edges, requires sufficiently resistant sacks and big bags.

Multisac even has double-layer Big Bags, i.e. the bottom and sides with two thick layers of high-grammage polypropylene fabric and reinforced seams.

Small Bags and Big Bags for storing Ceramics are resistant but their configuration and sizes are the most common: 50×80 cm measures for the Polypropylene (PP) bags and 90x90x100 cm with Open Top (OT) and flat Bottom (FB) for the Big Bag, although some customers prefer them in other sizes. Ask us if this is your case.

You may find our Small Format Big Bags very useful for handling smaller quantities. They will allow you to transport small quantities without cutting yourself and without the ceramics causing breaks in the bag.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we can find the best solution to suit your needs.

Ceramic pieces in a Big Bag

Small format Big Bag

Products for storing Ceramics in Multisac.
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