Small Bags for vegetables

We have some small bags suitable for storing vegetables. Mesh bags for onions, garlic, and potatoes can be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores.

Our customers can choose between various colored mesh bags (red, white, blue, green, beige or whiskey). Some also include a drawstring on the top to close them more comfortably. They can be customized with labels or bands, displaying logos and brand names.

Big Bags for storing fruits

There are also special Big Bags for storing fruits, such as the Special Big Bag for storing oranges with a 65 cm diameter discharge valve so oranges do not get stuck or stranded during discharge, unlike regular-size discharge valves.

Tangerines in a Jute Bag

Apples in a PP Woven Bag

Apples in Jute Bag

Oranges in a Polymesh Bag

Multisac Products for storing Fruits and Vegetables.
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