Q Bags Space Comparison

Space saving with Q-Bag Big Bags.

Q Bags, a good alternative to optimize storage and transport space

In many cases, it is essential to make the best use of the Big Bags space loaded and stored. It is common for Big Bags, especially those made of tubular fabric, to form a certain curvature in their walls, adopting an almost circular shape or perimeter. Thus, when they are stored side by side, more space is lost among them.

The Q Bags incorporate internal tensioners that hold the walls of the Big Bags so that they do not bend and maintain their square shape, taking advantage of up to 25% more space in a warehouse, truck, warehouse, or container.

In addition, the square formation of the Big Bags is more stable than the circular one, and their stacking is safer. Using Q Bags is also recommended for tall or large-format Big Bags.

The inner tensioners of the Q-Bags have windows that allow the passage of the contents between the different compartments created so that the filling and unloading are complete. In addition, different types of tensioners can be implanted to allow the contents of the Big Bag to flow and be better distributed inside it.

An alternative to Q-Bags are the Corset Bags that can be seen in the special Big Bags section.

Container with standard Big Bags

Container with Big Bags

Container with Q-Bag Big Bags

Container with Big Bags
Q-Bag type

GreenSmallDot Typical configurations

Other Specifications Icon 1 configurations and sizes are also available… Contact us.

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1. Open Top and Flat Bottom

2. Skirt and Flat Bottom

3. Top Flap (F) and Flat Bottom (FB)

4. Top Spout and Flat Bottom

5. Skirt and Discharge Spout

6. Filling spout and discharge spout

7. Open Top and discharge spout

8. Open top and buckles or ties.

Big Bag BA&FP Big Bag CA&FP Big Bag TA&FP Big Bag VC&FP Big Bag CA&VD Big Bag VC&VD Big Bag BA&VD MU Big Bag
95 x 95 x 210
99 x 99 x 125 Specifications Icon 2

Do you know what our Q Bags can do for you? If you want to discover it, do not hesitate to bet on this product that offers maximum performance when storing and moving various materials.

There are many occasions when Big Bags bend during filling. This curved shape means the best results are not obtained when storing them. Q Bags are a perfect solution if you are looking to make the most of the space in which they will be stored, whether it is a warehouse, a warehouse, a truck, or a container. The Q Bags have stress threads that prevent them from adopting a curved shape. They allow the square shape to be maintained, which saves a lot of space when storing the bags. We are talking about gaining around 25% of space. In addition, the square Big Bags are more stable and much safer when being stored. Q Bags are perfect for use in large-format, high-rise Big Bags.

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