Polypropylene (PP) Woven Bags of all kinds

Polypropylene (PP) Woven Bags are currently the most used by our customers. They are usually white and are made of tubular fabric sewn only on the bottom. There are also L-stitched or even U-stitched, but these are now very rare.

These bags allow moderate transpiration of the products inside.

If the bags are used to store Food, they must be certified for this purpose and be accompanied by the documentation and analysis that accredit it and ensure its traceability. If the bags are to store harmful, hazardous, or polluting products, they must be UN-approved for this purpose.

Several elements can be added to the basic Polypropylene Woven Bags, possibly combined, to adapt them to different uses and contents.

PP Woven Bags are suitable for packing ANIMAL FEED, SEEDS, FLOURS, MEDICINAL PLANTS, RICE, DEBRIS... and almost everything.

PP woven bags at a small price

If you´re looking for PP woven bags at the best price and of the highest quality for the storage and transport of different types of materials in various sectors, such as agriculture, livestock and fisheries, food, construction, chemical and organic, and many others that you can discover on our website, as well as the PP woven bags with their price the best in the market. For over 75 years, we have sought to provide our customers with all the facilities, offering products of the highest quality and durability.

PP woven bags of the best quality

In addition, we know that the customers’ needs may be very different, so we offer products with specific characteristics and various shapes and sizes. That way we can meet your expectations.

PP Woven Bags are a great alternative for everyday performance, but that’s not all you can find at Multisac. We offer Big Bags, PP Fabrics, Boxes, and other products such as Small Bags, Tarpaulins and Tubes. We have a wide variety of resources to find the perfect solution for every situation. Some of these bags are made with Plasticized Fabric, which also provides a great number of benefits.

Polypropylene woven bags price

polypropylene woven bags price

Polypropylene (PP) bags

polypropylene woven bags price

Polypropylene Woven Bag (PP)

Polypropylene woven bags price

The top can be selvedged or hemmed (1), thermally cut (2), or ultrasonically hemmed (3).

Typical sizes

20 x 35 cm (Data Sheet)
25 x 52 cm (Data sheet)
26 x 50 cm (Data sheet)
30 x 50 cm (Data sheet)
35 x 60 cm (Data sheet)
40 x 60 cm (Data sheet)
40 x 65 cm (Data sheet)
40 x 69 cm (Data sheet)
40 x 80 cm (Data sheet)
40+(2×5) x 80 cm (Data sheet)
45 x 65 cm (Data sheet)
45 x 75 cm (Data sheet)
50 x 80 cm (Data sheet)
50 x 87 cm (Data sheet)
52 x 80 cm (Data sheet)
55 x 95 cm (Data sheet)
60 x 100 cm (Data sheet)
60 x 105 cm (Data sheet)
65 x 115 cm (Data sheet)
70 x 130 cm (Data sheet)
75 x 115 cm (Data sheet)
75 x 145 cm (Data sheet)
80 x 130 cm (Data sheet)
95 x 165 cm (Data sheet)
100 x 150 cm (Data sheet)
112 x 150 cm (Data sheet)

We can also manufacture other sizes of polypropylene woven bags, according to your customized requirements.

White PP Fabric

White Polypropylene Fabric

Polypropylene woven bags price

PP Woven Bag with Valve

PP bags price

Polypropylene Woven Bag
with Lateral Tie

bags prices and PP woven bags

Transparent PP Woven Bag
with potatoes