personalized PP bags
Only in Multisac you can find the best personalized PP bags available nowadays. Our company has a long and successful trajectory in this field. During all this time, we have had the immense fortune to provide service to many clients, offering solutions to any problems they might have.

PP bags, small format Big Bags, monofilament, or jute fabric tarpaulins at unique prices are some of the many solutions we have waiting for you. If you demand only the highest quality, you have no choice but to put yourself in the hands of a company with over 70 years of success.

When you turn to Multisac, you will trust a team of professionals with a long and successful trajectory. All our specialists have the qualifications and experience required to solve any trouble you may have; they will provide personalized advice about the best alternatives for your specific case.

The biggest stock of personalized PP bags

If you need bags or personalized PP bags for your business, Multisac is a company highly specialized in producing and selling all kinds of Big Bags. We cover absolutely all sectors, from food to waste management and recycling.

We differentiate ourselves by providing customized solutions for each client, being able to undertake any project or order you order from us quickly and efficiently, and meeting the strictest deadlines. Tell us ¿what do you need?

Among other items, we offer jute gift bags, cotton bags, paper bags, and PP bags with ties Why don’t you visit our online store and discover the impressive range of alternatives we have created for you? ¡We are waiting for you! We are undoubtedly the perfect choice to buy quality customized PP bags.
Another alternative is printing and customizing the Jute Bags at the factory of origin for a higher-quality finish. The customer must order large quantities though.