Big BagsWhat are Big Bags?

Big Bags (also called sacas in Spain) are industrial containers made mainly of flexible plastic fabric that have revolutionized the temporary storage and transport of dry bulk products market, due to their high resistance, malleability, and versatility.

With a typical capacity of one tonne, maybe more, the Big Bags are ideal for managing debris, soil, aggregate transport, fertilizers, compost, etc.

Big Bags: An optimal product

Big Bags have excellent recycling and reconditioning characteristics and allow you to save space when storing your products, as they take up very little volume when empty and weigh very little compared to other types of containers. A Big Bag capable of holding and lifting a tonne can weigh as little as 700 grams sometimes.

Big Bags of all kinds

Standard Big Bags are usually 90 x 90 x 100 cm of white PP fabric with 4 handles for 1,000 kg (FS 5:1). In any case, there are thousands of variations combining the different options of configuration, sizes, resistance, fabrics, and additional components that allow the manufacture of Big Bags absolutely customized and suitable for the required use in any sector: aggregates, soil, rubble, grass, and all types of bulk materials, food, chemicals, fertilizers, firewood, etc.

It is possible to make them by combining any of the values and possibilities of the following characteristics:

The configuration of a Big Bag is the composition of different elements that may form it (lids, bottoms, filling and discharging spouts, inner liners, inner reinforcements, openings, closures, pockets, labels, ties, etc.), their shape and arrangement. All this must facilitate its handling during loading, transport, and unloading, as well as ensure the integrity of the product it contains, the personnel who handle it, and the environment.

Basic configurations:

Types of Big Bag

1. Open top and flat bottom
2. Skirt top and flat bottom
3. Upper flat and flat bottom
4. Filling spout and flat bottom
5. Skirt top and discharge spout
6. Filling spout and discharge spout
7. Open top and discharge spout
8. Open top and diaper bottom

Big Bag SizesThe standard dimensions of a Big Bag are usually 90 X 90 X 100 cm (W x B x H). All Big Bag dimensions are customizable and must be adapted to the volume to be contained and transported. There are Big Bags as small as to hold only a pot for one or two small plants of a few centimeters, and Big Bags as large as a 40-foot container that can hold several cubic meters with many tons of bulk products.

For the same Big Bag of 90 cm x 90 cm at its base, for example, the following heights can be supplied as a guideline: 60 cm / 80 cm / 90 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm / 140 cm / 150 cm / 160 cm / 170 cm / 190 cm / 210 cm

All other Big Bag components such as handle heights, spout diameters, labels, and document holders are also customizable under minimum order conditions.

Big Bag with 1 handle Big Bag with 2 handles Big Bag with 4 handles Big Bag with 4 handles cross corner

There are also different options for handles depending on the method or machinery for handling and transport. They are mainly available with 1 handle, 2 handles, 4 handles, and 4 cross-corner handles, although other options are available.

Some Big Bags of low maximum authorized weight incorporate additional handles on the base to facilitate their decanting.

Other Big Bags have 2 horizontal cylinders on the top for the insertion of the forks of the forklift trucks.

Colors, lengths, thicknesses, strengths, materials, and other features are also customizable elements for the handles.

Load TestThe Safe Working Load (SWL) and the Safety Factor (SF) are among the most important characteristics of a Big Bag. They establish the maximum load a Big Bag must be subjected to. It must not exceed the maximum load under any circumstances. To avoid breakage and possible accidents, despite the definition and proper labeling in a visible place of this maximum weight, the Big Bag must be made in a way that it supports N times its maximum working weight, this ratio N:1 being known as the safety factor. A Big Bag with a maximum working weight of 1,000 kg and a safety factor of 5:1 should not break provided it is properly handled up to 5,000 kg of load. Nevertheless, the maximum load weight must never be exceeded.

All Multisac Big Bags are subjected to strict resistance tests that ensure compliance with their specifications in terms of maximum working weight.

The standard maximum working weight for most Big Bags is 1,000 kg with a 5:1 safety factor, although it is also possible to manufacture Big Bags for 500, 1,500, or 2,000 kg with safety factors of 3:1 or 6:1, among others.

Woven Big BagsThe type of fabric and construction with which the Big Bag is made is another of its characteristics. The most common is polypropylene (PP) woven fabric, typically white. Normal, high-density, ventilated, or open-mesh finishes can be obtained depending on the fabric manufacturing.

There are other types of fabrics and special finishes such as monofilament or different types of conductive fabrics.

All of them are suitable for storing certain products that may require different degrees of impermeability, humidity, visibility, or breathability.

Big Bag with aluminum inner bagSometimes additional layers are required for proper storage of the product. Big Bags can be supplied with inner bags or inner liners, usually made of high or low-density polyethylene (PE), although other options such as aluminum bags are also available.

The bags can be placed inside the Big Bag or glued to the inside walls of the Big Bag and/or sewn along its upper contour at the mouth.

On the other hand, the PP woven fabric of the Big Bag can be optionally or additionally supplied coated with a polyethylene outer layer, thus further protecting the contents from the outside.

Big Bag Asbestos Amosite 6Big Bags can be customized with different types of printing from single color printing to photographic quality image printing on any or all sides.

In addition to the recommended labels with instructions for the proper use and handling of the Big Bag itself, information about the manufacturer of the product to be contained or information about its characteristics may be included on the same or additional labels.

The best Big Bags at Multisac

Many professional activities need the articles we manufacture at MULTISAC to carry out the storage and transport of their products. In particular, we are referring to the Big Bag, a bag with very specific features that have made life easier for many companies due to its large load capacity and versatility of use.

Big Bags are used to transport bulk materials and products of all kinds. Animal feed, powdered materials, construction debris, agricultural collections… Their high versatility makes them unique for many tasks. In addition, their resistance – they can have a load capacity of up to two tons – means that they are being used in more and more work contexts.

The perfect transport solution for your company

A Big Bag is a space-saving, time-saving, and cost-saving transport bag:

  • Space saving: Unlike drums and other types of containers, the square and stackable configuration of Big Bags makes it possible to make much better use of the space available in warehouses and transportation facilities.
  • Time-saving: Its easy and fast handling and high capacity allow moving large quantities of product in a very efficient way.
  • Saving money: Big Bags are widely used throughout the industry so their production is very high and their marketing costs are very reasonable. They are also recyclable.

Multisac, the leading expert in Big Bags

Choosing the right Big Bags vendor is important. Failure to have the mandatory certifications or breakage of one- or two-ton containers can have significant consequences and liabilities. MULTISAC is one of the pioneering companies supplying this type of bag. With over 75 years of experience behind us, and factories in different countries, we have become a reference in the transport and packaging products sector, both for companies and individuals.

Throughout all these years of manufacturing and marketing all types of bags and sacks, we have never stopped innovating with the sole objective of diversifying and perfecting our production. Our transport and storage solutions have been growing over the years and in our catalog, you can find all kinds: Big Bag, jute bags, cotton bags, PP woven bags… Contact us and ask for a quote without any obligation.

Different names for the same object

FIBC is the technical and most internationally used name for Big Bags. It stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. In any case, a few products have as many names as this one. Here we used to call them Big Bags or Sacas; in other latitudes, it is also known as Jumbo Bag, Maxi Saco, Super Saco, Bulk Bag, Tonne Bag, IBC, or M3 Saco, among others.

Big Bags manufacturing

There is still no machine or loom capable of making a Big Bag in a fully automated way. The fabric used for its manufacture (which can be made on different looms) is commonly made of woven PP yarns. With this fabric, using sewing machines, one or more people manually sew and assemble the different elements that the Big Bags may have. For this reason, most Big Bags are manufactured in countries such as China or India, although there are also manufacturers in many other countries.

A Big Bag for each need

Meeting the requirements of resistance, durability, ventilation necessary for the product to be contained, food or industrial regulations, and visual appearance, the PP fabric used to make the Big Bags may have more or less thickness, grammage, some additives, UV treatment, and lamination (See Coated Big Bags), color, ventilation (See Ventilated Big Bags or Open Mesh Big Bags), conductivity (See Type B or Type C FIBCs), printing, UN (See ADR UN Big Bags)… Several parts can be made of various fabrics.

Components of a Big Bag

The body is the fundamental part of the Big Bag, but other elements or components must be loaded, transported, stored, and unloaded properly and safely. The main ones are the top, the type of discharge or bottom, and the fastening elements, typically the type and number of handles: open-top, flat bottom, different types and diameters of loading and discharge spouts, handles on the edges or the side walls, 1, 2 or 4 handles (See Single Loop Big Bags) are the most common options that can be combined to create Standard Big Bags or customized for each customer.

Use of Big Bags

The safety factor of a Big Bag establishes a safety margin so that it can be safely loaded to its maximum working weight, even if the maximum working weight is accidentally exceeded. It also defines how many times a Big Bag can be used. Most of them are single-trip, but there are also multipurpose and multipurpose-repairable ones (see Multipurpose or Reusable Big Bags). It is essential to follow all Big Bag safety recommendations and regulations.

Respecting ecology and the environment with Big Bags

Today, most Big Bags are made from PP, which can be either 100% pure or contain a percentage of recycled components. In the latter case, Big Bags must be made and tested with special care as recycled materials are less resistant than pure materials.

Either way, a Big Bag is 100% recyclable and should always be properly managed for recycling. It can also be safely destroyed by incineration.

However, more environmentally friendly alternatives to PP are available and can now be manufactured. Big Bags with all the safety guarantees regarding materials such as rPET, which comes entirely from recycled bottles, thus closing the full circle of environmentally friendly recycling (See Eco-friendly Big Bags made of recycled rPET).

More advantages of Big Bags

In addition to its reduced volume and weight, the Big Bag allows you to advertise your company, product, and brand, as it can be printed with the logo and information of your choice.

Multisac offers you up to 8 sizes (approximate heights: 60cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, 190cm, 210cm), with simple 90×90 base and with different characteristics: open top and flat bottom, liner in top and flat bottom, top with lid and flat bottom, with loading valve and flat bottom, liner in top and discharge spout, with loading spout and discharge spout, open top with discharge spout and closure available with buckles or straps. MultiSac can also manufacture Big Bags with filling spouts or spouts according to your requirements.

Used Big Bags

In the same way that we can offer you new solutions, we can also provide you with pre-owned models of Big Bags of guaranteed quality at the best prices – made of PP fabric made from sugar or grain storage, for single use only, and with standard sizes of 90x90x140 cm or 90x90x150 cm.

With more than seven decades dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, and sale of bags and fabrics for packaging, we have adapted our products and services to meet the demands of our customers, always offering the best service. Request the Big Bag you need.

Our Big Bags cover all your needs

Whatever your needs are, our Big Bags will suit them. Open-top Bags with flat-bottom bags, Single Loop Bags, Type C Big Bags, Monofilament Bags, and PP or cotton bags are just a few of the many alternatives waiting for you.

Thanks to all the time we have been serving our clients, we are sure that we can help everyone who trusts us in a global, efficient, and, above all, personalized way.

Big Bags

Big Bags

Want to find the best Big Bags nowadays? In this case, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of our team of specialists. At Multisac, we are at your entire service to help you with everything you need in a professional and personalized way. What do you need?

Do you know why we are a reference when it comes to finding the best prices on Big Bags or all kinds of bags? Mainly because we work with all sorts of sectors, such as food, construction, chemical, organic, recycling, and supplies. This allows us to have a wide range of products in stock to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our company has been manufacturing and commercializing the best Big Bags for over 75 years, as well as all kinds of bags and PP fabrics for packaging and containers. During all this time, we have served many customers professionally, gaining their trust and satisfaction.

The best Big Bags

We have achieved a very high level of specialization in seven decades. You will find with us not only the best sacks and big bags, but also other products such as jute bags, recycling bags, or green PP fabric. What do you need? Visit our online store and discover the largest stock in the sector.

An important aspect of our success comes from counting on a highly qualified team of professionals. Our specialists will be at your entire service to advise you, guide you on the best alternatives, and offer you quality solutions adjusted to your budget.

We are expecting you at Multisac with the best Big Bags available nowadays. We are confident that we will be able to deliver your order quickly and diligently. Don´t wait any longer!

Buy Big Bag

Buy Big Bags

Are you looking for distributors to buy quality Big Bags at the best prices? Many businesses need this type of storage solution in their day-to-day business. These large-format storage solutions are useful for storing aggregates, rubble, and firewood. Our Big Bags’ large capacity and foolproof resistance are ideal for your business.

If you require smaller capacity bags, you may be interested in buying mesh bags. Our mesh bags are light and strong. The great ventilation provided by the mesh ensures the goods are always kept fresh. Therefore, they are ideal for sectors such as the food industry and agriculture. In our catalog, you will find Polymesh and Raschel bags of the highest quality.

Buying Big Bags has never been easier

In Multisac, we are specialists in high-capacity storage solutions. Big Bags, also known as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are ideal for storing and transporting all sorts of materials and substances. Their great resistance and flexibility make them versatile products. If you want to buy FIBC of the best quality for your business, do not hesitate to contact our expert team. They are happy to advise you.

We have the widest variety of products made with the best materials in our warehouses. We can offer you customized products to meet your needs. Our company specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and selling all types of bags. If you need to buy a bag of the highest quality for your business, ask us for a free quote. We ship nationwide and even internationally. We look forward to seeing you in our Madrid and Barcelona offices!