Small Bags and Big Bags for storing powder products

Powdered products require special handling and appropriate containers for storage and transportation, since otherwise, they may create clouds during loading and unloading or leaks may occur through the seams of the Sacks and Big Bags.

  • To prevent leaks from seams of powder materials, Big Bags must be sewn with an anti-leak seam (Dustproof). This type of seam is not usually done on small bags.
  • For Small Bags or Big Bags, for those products whose powder is very fine, it is best to use completely waterproof LDPE inner bags or inner liners.
  • To avoid dust clouds when emptying Big Bags, normally using discharge spouts, dispensers can be used that can regulate the emptying flow.

Ask us and we will help you select the best Small Bag or Big Bag for powder products.

Powder Product in Big Bag

Anti-leak staff
(Dust Proof)

Big Bag Cross Corner
with powdery product

Products in Multisac for storing Powder Products.
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