Big Bags and Small Bags for Storing Firewood

Big Bags and Small Bags for Storing Firewood

In the old days, firewood was almost a precious commodity to get through the winter. Things have changed today, but their transportation and care are equally important.

We offer a variety of bags to facilitate convenient transport and storage for domestic transport and supply. Bags with punched handles help to carry them better. On the other hand, the inexpensive Polymesh Bags with drawstrings help to keep the firewood dry and ventilated.

For industrial transport and supply, we offer Big Bags of different types. Big Bags with ppen tops (OT) and flat bottoms (FB) are an all-rounder suitable for firewood. Ventilated Big Bags help keep the firewood dry so it weighs less and burns better, delivering a higher quality product. Finally, Monofilament Big Bags are as strong as traditional bags but provide the best possible ventilation.

We have the best bags for storing firewood

Big Bags for storing firewood

Are you looking for bags to store firewood with the highest guarantees? Multisac puts them within your reach. They are made with the best materials to withstand the firewood weight and shape, guaranteeing they will not break. A breakage can cause a serious problem when collecting and transporting firewood.

Our customers often ask us for ventilated small bags and Big Bags to put the firewood so it can “breathe” properly.

If you use our big bags for storing firewood, you will not have to worry about anything. They are designed to provide the best service and maximum performance in every situation. These bags are ready to offer great durability and adapt to any situation since they come in different shapes and sizes.

Contact us if you want to get products of the highest reliability. We work for different professionals in various sectors. Let us put all our experience at your service and get you what you need. Multisac is what you need.

big bag firewood

Big Bags Firewood

Big Bags and Small Bags for Storing Firewood

Big Bag for storing firewood

big bags for storing firewood

Raschel Bags for storing firewood

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