The best Polymesh Bags for various uses

Polymesh bags (also called Leno Bags) are made of a highly breathable polyethylene fabric with a braided weave. The ventilation grid of the fabric makes these bags particularly suitable for storing potatoes, onions, ginger, carrots, and fruit and vegetable products in general due to their high ventilation.

They are also commonly used for firewood, transporting flowers, or any other product that requires high ventilation to stay cool.

The bags include a drawstring or easy closure of the top and manual transport.

Weights, sizes, and most common colors:

For 5 Kg: 30 x 50 cm (red)
For 10 Kg: 40 x 50 cm (red)
For 15 kg: 42 x 80 cm (red)
For 25 kg: 52 x 80 or 52 x 82 cm (white, red and scotch)
For 50 kg: 60 x 105 cm (green, red and whiskey)

The weights of the products stored are approximate. It will depend on the type of product.

The thickness of the fabric, i.e. its grammage, depends on the total weight to be contained and can range from 30 g/m2 to 70 g/m2.

Colored Polymesh Sacks with Draw String

Red Polymesh Fabric

Polymesh Bags

Polymesh Bags
white and whiskey

Red Polymesh bag

Polymesh Bag
with Oranges