Small Bags and Big Bags for storing salt

In ancient times, salt was a precious element for its ability to preserve food. Today it is still a fundamental part of our food, industrial processes, and other everyday processes, such as the conservation of water in swimming pools or its use to melt snow on roads.

We have Big Bags and Small Bags suitable for all scenarios in which salt must be stored and transported with all the guarantees, considering various discharging options depending on the situation.

The most common bags for handling and transporting salt are PP woven bags, usually with side gussets (compatible with coated fabric or inner bags). We also have customers in the industry who find Jute Bags handy.

For handling larger scale quantities, check our large variety of Big Bags. Contact us if you need advice on this matter.

In case you store salt for food intake, we have a food certificate.

Ask our sales representatives about any questions you may have and we will find the best option.

Salt stored in Big Bags

Salt in Jute Bag

Salt for swimming pool use in a PP Woven Bag

Multisac Products for Storing Salt.
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