Coffee Storage Bags

No bag is more traditional than the Coffee Storage Bag: the emblematic Jute Bag. The classic brown bags made with natural jute fibers are still the most widely used for packaging and transporting coffee in different countries. In Colombia, instead of jute bags, they use Pita bags, similar to jute bags but a little rougher, a little lighter, or a little more yellowish.

Another very common Coffee Storage Bag is the Binolas Jute Bag, with its measures and identifying bands and characteristics of this type of bag.

Some customers also opt for the White PP Woven Bag, which is much more affordable.

Other manufacturers opt for bags or containers to store coffee, seeking to preserve aromas and humidity to a greater extent in special bags designed for this purpose, such as GrainPro, capable of creating controlled atmospheres for the products they contain.

Multisac has different types and sizes of Coffee Bags, even pre-owned or Semi-new Jute Bags, which are ordered by restaurants for decoration, production companies for series or movies, and even decorators for their shop windows or domestic rooms.

Why use brown bags?

Depending on the contents to be stored in the bags, their color may vary: some grains, foods, or materials need more opaque containers to be properly preserved. It may also happen that, for aesthetic reasons, bags in other shades are preferred to be consistent with the company’s corporate colors, or simply because it is easier to label them.

Brown bags are just one of the many storage solutions we offer at Multisac. Check our catalog. If you have doubts about which type of bag is the most suitable for your activity, we will help you find the perfect product.

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Coffee storage Big bags Unroasted coffee beans in a Jute Bag

Coffee storage Big bags

Coffee beans in Jute Fabric

Coffee storage Big bags Coffee beans in a Jute Bag

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