One of Multisac’s first warehouses in Hostalets de Pierola

Multisac’s sustainability goes back a long way

In 1944, when Manuel Aguilar Gordillo started exchanging bags for other products, nobody imagined Multisac would become a reference in the Bags and Big Bags market.

Back then, the livelihood of the business and people was the only thing that mattered. Aspects such as sustainability, code of ethics, social responsibility, commitment, and respect for the environment were of minimal importance.

Despite this, during the 70s, and with the company already headed by Manuel Aguilar Viñas, some machines were acquired in a groundbreaking way in Spain to “wash” the bags using mechanical processes without water or polluting soaps to reuse some with the “maximum guarantees at that time”. These were the beginnings of today’s reuse and recycling.

This is how Sustainability was born at Multisac, which has evolved a lot since then and is now being expanded and developed by the third generation of the family.

See the following sections for more information about Sustainability at Multisac and our commitment and way of working: