Popular courier services

There is no doubt that the courier sector services have experienced a great increase in recent years. On the one hand, more and more users are ordering products through distance selling and home delivery platforms. Furthermore, many companies have outsourced their transportation and delivery services to courier companies. For all these reasons, messaging services are on the rise.

And also… Multisac.

As a result, Multisac has more than doubled its sales to customers in the courier sector. From small local delivery companies to national or even international couriers, many of them are Multisac customers. Most of the packages and products they deliver are transported in small bags or big bags on many occasions.

Courier storage bags

From the traditional Big Bag mail in the past to today’s larger capacity Big Bags or bags, Multisac has been supplying courier storage bags for over 75 years. Sometimes with specific elements for the sector, such as the PP Woven Bag with card holder.

Need/Benefit in the courier sector Our products features and solutions
Transportation of large-volume packages Bags of large dimensions
Unique coding for each bag Tapes or buckles with coding labels
Differentiation by type of use or destination for each bag Bags in different colors
Identification of the type of contents of each bag and document management Bags with document holders
Bag suspension for easy filling Small Bags with eyelets

Big Bags for a Post Office in India

Big Bags for a Post Office in Canada

Big Bags for a Post Office in England

A Classic Correos Big bag
(No longer available)

A Correos Big Bag

A Correos Santa Claus Big Bag

Multisac Products for Couriers.
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