Robust, low-cost Big Bags and Bags for Construction

In Multisac, we have all kinds of Bags and Big Bags for construction materials, such as cement, various aggregates, and stones and rubble. Our bags and Big Bags are manufactured with ultraviolet treatments to be more resistant to prolonged exposure to the sun, which is common in the construction industry.

We also have tarpaulins with eyelets, which are required to cover truckloads.

We also offer special peak-covering Bags to protect bars or rods protruding from truck boxes during transportation.

Need/Benefit in the construction sector Our products features and solutions
Disposable items for demolition and remodeling debris Single-use Bags and Big Bags
Low-cost products Basic Bags and Big Bags
Ease handling with boom crane trucks Loops are longer than usual for Big Bags.
Avoid breakage in asymmetrical lifts, which is malpractice. Reinforced Loops to minimize risk and tearing
Increased resistance to prolonged sun exposure Special ultraviolet treatment.

Products in Multisac for Construction Companies.
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