Bags with Blue inner liners for the food sector

Any measure is too little to ensure quality and control in the food industry, and Blue Inner Liner Bags are one of them.

They can be made in 3 different ways according to the preservation requirements of each food:

  • Blue PP Woven Bags
  • PP Woven Bags with blue inner liners.
  • PP Woven Bags with blue inner bags (sewn on the top or placed without stitching)

In any case, the objective is to visually identify if there is any food in the bag left over. Identifying a pine nut, for example, inside a bag with a white interior is much more difficult than if the inner side is blue, so the nut stands out much more.

The pine nut stands out much more against the blue background.

And why blue?

There are red, yellow, green, orange, white, and black foods in almost all varieties of shades, but there are practically no natural blue foods. There is a blue lobster, some blueberries can be considered blue, and “smurf ice cream” (although unnatural and very unsuitable to put in a bag) is blue. Besides these, there are very few foods of that color so all other food products will stand out well against this background color.

Typical sizes

This is a bag that we always deliver on demand, according to the needs and requirements of each customer, so it is a 100% customized bag with any possible size, although the most common are 50×80 cm, 52×80 cm, and 50×85 cm.

PP Woven Bag with
blue inner coating

PP woven Bag with inner liner
blue PE lining sewn to the top