Small Bags, Big Bags, Container Liners, and Fabrics of all types and for all industries

  • Large stock on site for express delivery.
  • The largest variety of high-quality and high-resistance products.
  • Personalized advisory and sales support with over 80 years of experience.
  • Customization of products and adaptation of needs.
  • Competitive prices.

Manufacture, sale, and distribution of Big Bags, Small Bags, Container Liners, and Fabrics

Multisac counts with specialists in the production and sale of Big Bags, Small Bags, Container Liners, and Fabrics of all types. Therefore, we supply products for the food, construction, chemical, recycling, and supply sectors, among others. Thus, we provide solutions for any requirement, delivering items of high quality and proven safety.

Since 1944 and for over 80 years, we have helped our customers by manufacturing and marketing Small Bags, Big Bags (also known as Sacks, FIBCs, Maxisacos, Super Sacks, or Jumbo Bags), Container Liners, and Fabrics for containers and packing. Thanks to all this, Multisac is recognized by the market for providing excellent products with the best service.

Resources for better service and faster delivery

Multisac has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector and all the knowledge about Small Bags, Big Bags, and all their variants.

We have warehouses with large stocks and a diversity of products, measurements, and characteristics to be able to immediately supply any quantity of different types of Small Bags, Big Bags, and Fabrics. We pack and package our shipments as necessary, including deliveries to third parties.

In this way, we can quickly supply small quantities, as well as organize large consignments for the transport of significant quantities of merchandise for national or international destinations.

Personalized attention to our clients and their satisfaction is part of our business mission.

Our professionals analyze your needs and will recommend the best solutions. To achieve this, Multisac has different special resources that differentiate its offer from that of its competitors.

  • Personalization: Personalized preparation of any Small Bag or Big Bag in terms of its configuration, measurements, weight, resistance, accessories, colors, and specific characteristics in each case.
  • Printing: 2 rotary printing machines with which we can print on bags and some Big Bags up to 3 colors per side to faithfully reproduce your anagrams and logos, or describe in detail the characteristics of your products.
  • Complements: Placement of polyethylene covers. In addition to having a wide variety of bags with covers in stock, we can cover bags quickly.
  • Specialization: On some special occasions, our clients have needed combinations of up to two and three bags or composite elements to satisfy their requirements.

We can increase the degree of customization by carrying out some of these manipulations at the original factory, such as printing in more than 3 colors or even with photographic quality finishes.

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Multisac Small Bags and Big Bags

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