A variety of Big Bags for different types of Aggregates

Aggregates are granular materials of different calibers or sizes, from small pebbles to fine sands. Some aggregates result from recycling or demolition materials that can be reused for other purposes.

There are many types of aggregates and there are suitable Big Bags for all of them.

Pebble aggregates have a smoother appearance, flow relatively easily, and are less aggressive due to friction, so they do not require particularly strong Big Bags.

Aggregates produced by crushing stones or larger materials produce gravels of different sizes that often have small edges or points. These can cause chafing in Big Bags, so they should be somewhat stronger (6:1 or 8:1).

Finer sands or aggregates flow more easily and can therefore be discharged with Big Bags with discharge spouts (which is not always suitable for larger aggregates).

There are also aggregates of artificial origin, such as some clays or some natural aggregates that may contain water or sludge, which sometimes need to be filtered. In these cases, Open Mesh Bags are the best solution.

Whatever the aggregate you need to transport or store, call us so we can recommend the most suitable Big Bag.

Aggregates in a Big Bag

Aggregates in a Big Bag

Multisac Products for storing Aggregates.
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