The world of Multisac and Multisac in the world

Both Bags and Big Bags are containers widely used around the world for the benefit of users and consumers to have a better planet.

Families that live from the production of Bags and Big Bags.

But hundreds of thousands of families make a living from the manufacture of Big Bags and Bags, many of them in remote countries and unprivileged areas, where, thanks to the manufacture of these products, they have a dignified and well-recognized job. Especially in the case of Big Bags, where there are still no machines that can make them automatically, so many experts are needed to assemble and test them in the factories of the countries where they are manufactured.

Multisac makes sure that the working conditions of each of our suppliers follow good practices and basic human rights, ensuring that neither adults nor children are exploited.

Bags and Big Bags during other events

On the other hand, both Bags and Big Bags and some of their variants have been used repeatedly, for example as decorative elements, or as props in plays or races and other children’s games. Sometimes they are also used as a construction element, as in the case of Superadobe.

Therefore, the applications of Bags and Big Bags are very wide, and all the pictures above are proof of that. Contact us to see how we can help you too.