Small Bags and Big Bags

All the solutions for Small Bags and Big Bags for Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery

Small Bags and Big Bags for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fishery are as varied as the needs of our many customers in these sectors:

  • Fishermen Guilds: they purchase large quantities of Bags to store frozen fish.
  • Agricultural cooperatives: Small Bags and Big Bags customers who harvest and transport fruits and other products.
  • Fodder and straw: They usually purchase PP tubes, small bags, and protective tarpaulins.
  • Animal Feed: For large-scale consumption, they usually use coated big bags, and for retail consumption, bags with BOPP printing.
  • Plant Nurseries and Greenhouses: customers who purchase Shading Nets and resistant Big Bags for transporting soil, including trees, among other plant elements.

Even so, access each of them to obtain more details about each sector and the type of Small Bag or Big Bag they usually use according to their needs.