Small Bags and Big Bags for storing potatoes

A bag that allows the quality and good condition of the potatoes to be seen from the outside, and that ensures their proper preservation through air circulation, is essential to satisfy both buyers and suppliers.

Multisac offers resistant bags and sacks specially created for the transport and storage of vegetables and tubers, seeking to avoid the loss or deterioration of the goods. We have a large stock of all sizes and modalities in our warehouses. All our potato storage bags are food-grade certified.

To sell small rations, our Mesh Bags (Polymesh, Raschel, or Cotton Mesh) will come in handy. The braiding of the bag allows air to enter and keeps the product ventilated. It is very common to see these type of bag in supermarkets.

For potato harvesting and handling, see also our 7 oz. Jute Bags, are the same as the conventional Jute Bags but with a more open braiding and a lower grammage that allows a better ventilation of the potato.

PP Woven Bags, more resistant than the previous ones but with a little less aeration, can also be useful.

For handling and transporting larger quantities, see our wide variety of Big Bags, especially the Ventilated Big Bags (for the same reason mentioned above).

Potatoes in bags

Potatoes in a Mesh Bag

7 oz Jute Bag

ventilated big bag for storing potatoes

Potatoes in a Ventilated Big Bag

You may also be interested in… Bags marked as “WARE POTATO”

Potato storage bags are one of the most characteristic of the sector. As potatoes are such a common foodstuff, we have specific bags for them: see our bags marked as “WARE POTATO”. These Bags are made of transparent polypropylene so one can see the inside, and their fabric allows a certain ventilation of the potato. The print says “WARE POTATO” in black.

We have them in the following sizes:

-For 25 Kg, for example, it measures 52×80 cm.
-For 20 Kg, for example, it measures 45×75 cm.
-For 15 Kg, for example, it measures 42×72 cm.
-For 10 Kg, for example, it measures 40×60 cm.
-For 5 Kg, for example, it measures 30×50 cm.

Transparent PP Woven Bag marked as “WARE POTATO”

Transparent PP Woven Bag Labeled as

Transparent PP Woven Bag marked with “WARE POTATO” and filled with potatoes

Do not hesitate to call us and ask our experts any questions you may have. We will find the solution that best suits your requirements.

Multisac Products for storing Potatoes
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