Small Bags and Big Bags for the Agricultural Sector

The Agricultural Sector is as varied as the types of Small Bags and Big Bags available at Multisac. That is why we can offer you various products suitable for all types of goods.

PP Woven Bags are very practical when harvesting fruits or vegetables, cereals, or pastures because they allow the product to be transported in small quantities. Mesh Bags are commonly used to improve the ventilation of the goods.

For specific products such as potatoes, we have special bags available: see our Potato Storage Bags (you may also be interested in our Bags marked as “Ware Potatoe”).

For handling and transporting larger quantities, our customers use Big Bags. Check out our wide variety of Big Bags, especially for the Agricultural Sector, you may be interested in Ventilated Big Bags.

All our Small Bags and Big Bags for the Agricultural Sector have the Food Certificate, which ensures that the Sacks and Big Bags do not affect their oligomeric properties when in contact with food.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions; we can advise on options that best suit your needs.

Potatoes in Mesh Bags

Tomato harvest in a PP Woven Bag

Olives in a Big Bag

Multisac Products for Agricultural Cooperatives
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