Big Bag with top flap and flat bottom 2

Semi-new Big Bags or second-hand Big Bags

Sometimes, it is unnecessary to use new Big Bags, other previously used and in good condition Semi-new Big Bags can be used as an alternative.

To ensure the good quality of the Secondhand Big Bags despite being used, Multsac makes sure they have only been used once and have only contained “clean” products such as sugar or chippings that do not dirty or deteriorate the Secondhand Big Bag.

Typical sizes of Pre-Owned Big Bags
90 x 90 x 140 cm
90 x 90 x 150 cm

Pre-owned Big Bags can be purchased at lower prices than new ones, although it is common for them to bear the brand name of the product they have previously contained or the manufacturer that has already used them.

Ask us about the options and availabilities that we can offer you at any time in terms of Big Bags Prices.