Multisac bags in art performances

Jute Bags and Jute Fabrics are the most demanded products to create scenes or sceneries and have been used on many occasions in different plays, TV series, and movies. The natural jute fabric allows a good characterization of the scene, for example recreating “trenches” in war environments. It also allows to recreate more rustic decorations or scenes.

In art performances, you can find other type of bags, such as Cotton Bags. They are quite versatile for any stage design as they are neutral and simple bags.

Semi-new Jute and PP Bags are widely used in any type of production. They can be made of Jute or PP (Polypropylene), and they are cheaper because they have been used once previously (Jute) or because they have been discarded for quality criteria due to printing errors (PP).

If you need to mark the bags with a logo or text for greater characterization of the scene, tell us and we will explain you the different marking options.

Also check out our other Fabrics: they can be made of Raschel or PP (Polypropylene).

Tell us what you are looking for and we will find the option that best suits your requirements.

Jute bags in a play

Jute bags in the series Money Heist

Scene decorated with Jute Fabric

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