Small Bags and Big Bags for Bulk Stores

Bulk Stores have a special charm due to their products are offered to customers in these Small Bags.

The most common products to find in Bulk Stores are Small Jute Bags or Jute Bags. It’s a very common bag to see in these establishments due to its rustic appearance because of its ecological origin and its natural fiber. And the same happens with Cotton Bags, also characteristic for their composition and their natural origin.

In some cases, we supply the bags with polyethylene inner liners so that the products they contain are kept in better conditions and more protected. They are also used for dusty products such as spices or flour.

In addition, many of these establishments deliver the products selected by customers in Paper Bags, also ecological and recyclable. Check our Paper Bags and their different configurations

In Bulk Stores, it is also common to see products in PP Woven Bags or in Transparent PP Woven Bags, if you want to see the products inside.

All our Bags for bulk products have the food cerificate. This certificate guarantees that the food-grade Bags maintain all their properties so that when they come into contact with food, they do not affect their organoleptic properties.

Do not hesitate to ask us any question you may have. Contact us and let us know what your needs are, and we will look for the option that best suits you.

Inner liner Jute Bags with nuts

Cotton Bags with pasta and legumes

Paper Bag with legumes

Transparent PP Woven Bags with legumes

Products in Multisac for Bulk Stores.
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